Gestlife programs and their characteristics

At GESTLIFE we work with all countries where surrogacy is legal, and processes can be carried out with full guarantee. Given the extent of the information, we make a brief summary of the characteristics of each country, and the programmes that are carried out in it. However, we advise you that, without any commitment, you should contact one of our family advisors, and we will gladly analyse your particular case, to advise you on the most appropriate destination according to your needs.

Exclusive characteristics of GESTLIFE programmes.

GESTLIFE programmes offer in all countries where they have offices and their own staff (RUSSIA, GREECE and UKRAINE) a number of EXCLUSIVE advantages that no other agency includes:
Physical companion by an assistant specialized in surrogacy who speaks your language (not a translator) in all the steps to be taken.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Accompaniment of a lawyer to the Consulate of your country in the country of destination to make all the arrangements.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Mobile phone in the destination country (RUSSIA and UKRAINE)INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Individual apartment not shared with other couples.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Telephone assistance from a paediatrician 24 hours a day (in English), for one year from the birth of the baby.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Visit of a paediatrician at home all the necessary days during your stay in the apartment with the baby. INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Ultrasounds in 4d, with statue in 3d of the ultrasound.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Stem cell freezing bank, with the 20-year instalments paid.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Monitoring of the process 24 hours a day 365 days a year, through the INFONOW programme. INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Stay of the parents in the destination country.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Transportation to make the arrangements related to the process in the country of destination.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Basket with the basic products necessary for the baby.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Travel assistance insurance.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Free restart of the programme in the event of the baby's decease after being born after the 7th month, and up to 20 days after the 36th week.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Compensation to the surrogate mother in case of abortion.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Indemnification to the surrogate mother in case of decease.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Psychological support from the beginning, and throughout the process. INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Assistant in the apartment 3 hours a day for cleaning.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Own office with staff who speak your language in the country of destination, with on-call service in your language 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Bank charges for transfers.INCLUDEDNOT INCLUDED
Not every programme includes all the guarantees offered by GESTLIFE. Check country by country the guarantees covered in each one of them. This information is not contractual. Only the agreements contained in the contract between you and GESTLIFE are legally binding.

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